PySolitaire Home Installation

There is no need to compile anything since the whole program is just a Python script. Just run it, and that's all.

PySol requires Python 1.5.2 and Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 or better. Both packages are freely available for Unix, Windows and Macintosh platforms.

PySol is free Open Source software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000

PySol now ships as a completely self-contained setup file, so there's no need to install anything else.

If you want to modify the PySol source code or write your own Python programs you can get the development system from


There are good chances that your system already ships with Python and Tcl/Tk.
Otherwise visit for full source code.

Also, installable packages exist for all major Linux distributions, FreeBSD and HPUX.


Self installing exectuables for Python and Tcl/Tk are available from

As I don't have access to a Mac I'd appreciate any detailed feedback on installation and look & feel. "Porting" from X11 to Windows only required some minor changes in the default font settings, so I hope the situation on Macs is similar.

[ I have been told that PySol works fine on a Mac - just drop "" on the Python interpreter and that's it. But for some reason you must assign a large amount of memory to the Python interpreter. ]

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